Better Mobile Convertion Rate With Responsive Design

August 1, 2015

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Recently I Have Helped A Client To Improve Their Conversion Rate With A Responsive Subscription Form.

One of my client recently asked me to improve their website’s subscription form. The old one was absolutely terrible, with outdated technology of more than 10 years. They were concerned, and rightly so, that their conversion rate might drop due to poor user experience on mobile devices.

Responsive design is not new. It has been around since quite a few years already, and I am not pretending to introduce a new concept at all.

This being said, there are still a lot of non-responsive websites on the internet. There were built a long time ago, and for different reasons they have not been updated with responsive features yet. Doing a complete website redesign to make it responsive can be a lot of work and can represent a substantial budget, but it still important to focus on some keys areas, especially if you run a commercial website.

One of the areas to really care about are those were you make the conversion. In the case of my client, Win Magazine (a wresting magazine), the area of focus was their Subscription Form, where users can subscribe for the magazine.

For this job, I selected the css framework bootstrap, the best css3 compatible framework for responsive websites. The result is simple and elegant, with a way better experience on mobile devices. When you are on the Subscription Form, if you are on a desktop computer, you can play with the size of your browser window and see all the boxes re-arranging themselves. If you are on a mobile device, you can see that the layout nicely adapts to your screen size.

Nowadays, with so many people browsing the web with their mobile device, this improved user experience for mobile users helped my client to dramatically increase its conversion rate and to increase its revenue. All of this at the reasonable cost of a very specific and targeted action, at a very strategic part of my client’s website.

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