JSConf Asia Singapore 2016

November 28, 2016

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I have just been to the JS Conf in Singapore and it was great. 2 days of conferences about Javascript. For those interested in css there was also a full day just for that before the JS part. The venue was great, I enjoyed talks a lot and I had a great time with attendees.

js conf singapore

My favorite talk was by a person from Microsoft introducing Visual Studio Code, the new text editor of Microsoft, built on top of Electron, and one of the biggest Javascript project on Github. It is as snappy as lightweight editors like sublime text, but it still has some tools generally only found in IDE like a debugger. The best of both world. And it has an integrated terminal. I have tried it and since then I have ditched my good old sublime text. It seems like it is quickly becoming the #1 text editor for Javascript developers.

I have met with a bunch of cool people, including someone working at stack overflow. Surprisingly their whole infrastructure runs on only 9 servers, and their tech stack is in .NET.

Oh and Singapore is a very cool city to visit, and we hung out with some of the attendees:

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