Launching, an eCommerce tool to boost convertion rate

April 1, 2017

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  • is a tool to boost convertion rate of eCommerce websites
  • Collect customer reviews for eCommerce websites
  • Fully integrated with WordPress & WooCommerce


For my own eCommerce business, we use Yotpo, a review collection system. Its core feature is to generate more customer reviews for your eCommerce website. It connects to your website, and after a customer placed its order, it sends him an email asking to write a review. It works, but it is a heavyweight enterprise solution, full of bells and whistles that we don’t use. And it comes at a hefty 700 USD monthly fee (arf!). For people like me with simple needs, using Yotpo for collecting reviews is like killing a fly with a sledgehammer.

Since I am a developer, I decided to solve the problem myself by developing my own custom solution. I called it I host it on Google Compute Engine and it is written in nodejs. It works with WordPress & WooCommerce. It has the same basic feature as Yotpo, without the useless (and expensive) features. It is more simple to use, to setup, and it is better integrated with WordPress.

How it works

They are 2 parts in the system:

  • The API
  • The WordPress Plugin
  • After an order, on the eCommerce website the WordPress plugin sends the order and customer information to the API
  • The API queues an email to be sent to the customer, asking for a review.
  • Email is sent with a link to the eCommerce website, and customer directly writes his review on the eCommerce website, using the WooCommerce system
  • Review appears in the dashboard of the WordPress websites, as a native WooCommerce review

Why is it better than Yotpo?

  • Super easy 3-step setups: 1. install WordPress plugin. 2. Setup a free account on 3. Create an API key for your website, and copy paste it to your WordPress website
  • No need to learn a new dashboard. Everything happens inside WordPress, and it just works.
  • Oh, and and it doesn’t cost 700 USD / month also…

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