My 2016 Year-End Review

December 31, 2016

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  • Gain a lot of experiences building nodejs / javascript web apps
  • The profits of my eCommerce Business doubled

I spent a great deal of this year to build nodejs web apps both for clients and myself. After having tried a lot of other techs, including PHP frameworks and Rails, I can safely say that nodejs is my favorite:

  • NPM, the package manager, is fantastic
  • Debugging got way easier with Visual Studio Code, the latest text editor of Microsoft
  • Easy to build real-time apps with
  • Express offers a lot of flexibility, but can still be used with the MVC paradigm

My eCommerce dropshipping business just had a great year. Compared to when I joined in 2015, profits more than doubled. We have scaled with new websites and more traffic (although as I mentioned in this article the conversion rate dropped).

However, so far all our attempts to increase conversion rate failed, including better product pages, independent review system, updated website design, etc… The only thing that somewhat worked is a live chat popup for our customers. We hired a live chat agent during US hours, the most busy hours on our website. Thanks to our live chat agent we had more sales, but it was almost entirely offset by his salary. So we still need to work out the economics here.

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