New Job as Nodejs developer at Netixy

January 3, 2015

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I have just joined Netixy, a web agency based in Taiwan, as a lead developer. I will be leading the development team for client projects.

It all started as client work…

Netixy was originally one of my clients. I met them last year and we did several projects together. We both enjoyed our collaboration very much.

…and continued as a full-time job

After our successful collaboration, Netixy offered me to join them. Since I started web-development, I had been doing client projects on a freelance basis. This worked well for me, but I understood very clearly that a team is necessary in order to do bigger and more interesting projects. Joining Netixy is a fantastic opportunity to start working on bigger projects, and enjoy team work. I am really grateful they gave me this great opportunity.

Who is Netixy?

Netixy is a web agency based in Taiwan and managed by French people. They employ a multicultural team of French, American and Taiwanese people. Netixy is specialized is WordPress and e-commerce. They have helped hundreds of organizations to develop successful online businesses.

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