SEO Consultants aren’t worth it

November 5, 2016

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  • Paid 12,000 USD to SEO consultants over 6 month
  • Traffic went up +50%, but conversation rate decreased significantly
  • Net results is negative
  • Will focus on great content, not SEO, from now on

6 month ago, I have hired SEO consultants for my eCommerce dropshipping business. I chose them because of friends recommendations, and I had a good first impression when meeting them.

Most of what they did was putting links to our website in the comments of blog articles, on other websites. They have increased our traffic by 50%, but the conversion rate of our sales dropped substantially. If you factor in their 2000 USD monthly payments, the net result is negative.

Because of that, I decided to fire them. On top of it, after I stopped using their service, traffic started to decline, because the SEO guys weren’t posting new links anymore.

It made me think that SEO consultants may not be worth it, but also that the whole idea of boosting your traffic with “SEO Tricks” is wrong. Why should you make so many efforts to forcefully push your content everywhere, in a very unnatural way?

From now on, I will focus on content. Great content will naturally attract traffic and links. SEO still has its places, for things like in-page SEO or sharing on social medias. But it probably does not need the help of a whole team of SEO consultants.

If you want to read more on the topic, here is a longer article about why you probably shouldn’t hire SEO consultants.

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